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Spring & Fall Clean-up

The changing seasons in Connecticut inevitably create a mess in our yards – whether it’s melting snow and mud in the spring or leaves falling in the fall.  Spring and fall clean-ups are a great way to prepare your lawn and landscape beds for the summer and winter months. Our service includes cleaning of leaves and debris from the lawn and gardens. They will also cut back perennials and remove annuals and any weeds from landscape beds. Finally, the debris will be taken away for proper disposal.

If you’ve had enough of filling brown paper bags with yard waste in April and November, let CM Landscaping take care of spring and fall cleanup for you.  Our experts get the job done quickly and affordably.  Click below for an estimate on bringing this service to your home.

lawn Mowing

Here at CM Landscaping Service, we like to offer the best lawn care service we possibly can and that includes mowing. Large residential and commercial properties require proper upkeep through professional mowing.
A well mown lawn improves the appearance of the overall space, impressing visitors and offering a great play area for kids. Our lawn maintenance services are the best that CM Landscaping can provide.
Call CM Landscaping Services today to find out more our lawn mowing and get on our regular lawn care schedule. We’re one of the most reliable lawn care services out there, guaranteed!


Sod Installation

If you are the type of person that wants to have a lawn immediately, than sod may be the answer. Sod is a roll of grass measuring 10 square feet. The most important factor in considering this application is the amount of sun necessary for it to grow. The best time to install sod is during the spring and fall seasons. You can install sod during warmer conditions however more water is required.

If you install sod in a shady area it will look good for a few weeks and then begin to decline rapidly. The sod must have adequate soil underneath for the roots to grow into. Sometimes soil must be added and/or amended first. You may also decide to trim some lower branches shading the sod in order to maximize growth. A light application of fertilizer along with an insecticide is also recommended.

Shrub & Tree Pruning

Occasional pruning is required for the continued health of most plants and trees, not to mention that it makes yard maintenance that bit easier!
When trees have disease or dead limbs, pruning is necessary to control the spread of disease or pests.

Other factors that make pruning necessary are if they’re damaging the health of other plants by casting a shadow over large areas, or simply if you want the tree to look a bit nicer!

Pruning lets you shape and mold trees to a point, allowing you to enjoy their beauty for longer. Pruning tends to take place when trees are dormant in the winter months, but depending on the urgency of the situation, they pruning can be offered year round.



During the summer, your lawn can become damaged from heat stress and foot traffic. These weakened spots may become thin. In order to combat this type of damage to your lawn, it is important for you to overseed during the fall. The ideal time to overseed your lawn is during the early months of autumn. This is a time when grassy weed pressure is not as high as in spring, so no need for pre-emergent crab grass control (causing desirable grass seed to die alongside the crab grass). Additionally, the ground is still warm but temperatures outdoors begin to cool. Rain in the fall can help new seeds to germinate by moistening them. This is important so that the seeds can take root before the cold, harsh months of winter set in. When winter is over, you’ll enjoy a thicker, healthier lawn.



Scarification is carried out to remove organic matter from around the base of the grass plants and tidy up any straggly lateral growth. In a nutshell, scarification removes material, probably in the form of thatch or moss that will otherwise prevent good dense grass growth. If you do not scarify, debris will build up and lead to other problems. Thatchy and mossy lawns will not be very wear or drought tolerant. Once the space has been created around the base of the grass plants, the trick is to encourage the grass to fill the space.

Mulching Services

Mulching is an effective method to reduce and control weed growth in your soil. By covering the soil in mulch the moisture is also retained, improving the fertility of the soil as well as its organic content. This is great for future planting! Our mulching services are an effective means to guard the health of flower beds. This is a very economical choice for protecting the wellbeing of your green space and can help to reduce other maintenance costs.
What does mulching in Connecticut cost
? It often depends on the surface area and the difficulty of access for mulch delivery. If you have a property that needs mulching, we can help! Just give us a call or email and we’ll get right back to you!

Weed Control

The exemplary work of CM Landscaping Services controls weeds that could otherwise gnarl up the garden with safe spray methods that do not harm the health of people, pets, or plant life. Our weed control measures make sure common weeds don’t overrun your garden:
• crabgrass
• black nightshade
• carpet weed
• cheap grass
• and more!
If you have weed or pest problems in your garden, give us a call right away!

Snow Removal

You may need snow removal whether you have a long, winding driveway or just a short walkway. It all depends on what you may be able — or willing — to take on after a snowstorm.

CM Landscaping offers snow removal on either a contract or a one-time basis. So you can commit to a season of never lifting a shovel, or you can call us to rescue you from just one particularly bad storm.

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