About Us


A Landscaping Company with A Solid Vision

CM Landscaping and Snow Removal is here to provide your property with top quality landscaping services as well as snow removal throughout Connecticut. Our services range from mulching, lawn mowing, spring & fall cleanup, trimming & pruning, sod installation, aeration, scarification, weed control, snow removal and more! 

We base our company off family and treat your property like it’s our own. We intend to give your yard the best landscaping maintenance around. Contact us today for your free estimate !

Why Choose Us?

fully Registered and insured

Quality equipment and service. Even though accidents can happen, you'll be fully protected.

Residential & Commercial

We provide residential and commercial landscaping services in Connecticut that many local home and business owners have relied on for a long time.

Amazing Company Values

We are a tight-knit company of landscape who combine a passion for the beauty of the natural world with a self-imposed demand to meet every need of our clients and exceed their expectations